i be on the drake hold on we’re going home
catch a vibe the next track i’m high for hours j cole
one two three taps,hit me,only few know the code
i be high flying i done handled failure
would never exalt my self more than mere mortal
man says what he says, taking back is futile
i only thought it’d be easy till age 5
or about that, i watched it all go down
raised by winners, mercedes driving, few in town
they only proclaim in public,people don’t love growth
whatever was done, i didn’t participate or swear oaths
at 7 i knew i was a man on a mission
lost childhood fantasies, was dreaming in grown colors
was a king in my lane
i think i worked hard,the neighborhood knew my name
which to put here, i won’t know what to say
known to many, just by different names
not one muggy lasts, i’m known by different faces
spent a lot of cash, took Ls, i never took driving lessons
or tests
none come against me and go back same state
almost lost my conscience and soul for billionsa dollars
a man with a message was made in a bunker
city watcher then i graduated through th ranks
shot shit down, they shot me down now i’m living on 40 acres
unblock the jane, let’s plant on mary’s land
get motivated by a classic record, Ross aston martini
don’t drink and grab the wheely
get intoxicated and a mercedes somersaulting
i call the company ‘oh what is you doing baby? well danke’
spin me the 6×6 that moves like a tanker
probably bullet proof i’m scheming off my tribesmen money
while benefiting, in the name of representing
story for another day, but hope you smell what’s cooking
or hear,like my naija homies doing
coming to expose the game
cocky yansh blown open
wind of niger delta ballistic-y
too much woke is just you tripping
get sleep and drink water,



          STREED! STREED!


Na the only life I know be this

Run for the money no matter what the day

Get it any way,all the cheques clear

We rough for this side,warning steer clear 

If you not of this life,my nigga steer clear.
•Wake up early morning sprinkle of Jesus 

Bible portion,open, verse of the day

On my knees,father abeg bless me today 

Light the weed,call your man

Oboy,how e dey be today

You don set to fall out?

Then hit the deeps,the dugouts

We dey chaw morning food when we don dey streets 

Breakfast,you get house?shits for the rich

Hit your plug,or you the plug,deliver the goods

Pick and pick before you know it’s afternoon 

Not bound to lose

Today I wan proud for the choice I took

How many bands to count

Gotta watch the snakes they stay creepd up 

Hustle hustle,evening gotta hit the booth 

Slide up on the mic,only speaking the truth,

You come from the soft can’t have a stronger tooth 

Savages,we swallow straight no bite and chew

Chop am as you just cook,

This kinda life well it takes a toll

like not being afraid when you hear popo

Everyone scrambling gunshots po! po!

Up in the air,mkparawa going brazy,

Last last I don’t actually fancy your buzzy 

Cold for floor been freeze all my conscience 

So I fit take your pot fuck the hotness 

Born in this shit,I just dey find exit 

Na the only life I know be this

Run for the money no matter what the day

Get it any way,all the cheques clear

We rough for this side,warning steer clear 

If you not of this life,my nigga steer clear


got a new girl I’m texting now,feeling excited 

you left me at a bad place,can’t forget it

the words we said to each other,who really meant it 

now it’s harder to trust words,people just say it 

can’t talk about love if I’m not serious 

when I talked about us I saw visions 

you were by my side,thought it’s both of us

we did go far,let’s count accomplishments 

cold nights taking a walk I don’t see stars

squeezing those two hours out before you reach house

I turned it to a lifetime as we both squeezed hands

those funny kisses were amazing and awkward😂

all these memories damn,I’m going Duckworth 

the walk away date came when I was unconscious 

I never get enough baby like few more hours

but it wasn’t just you going home

it was leaving me alone

that’s forever,bad time

when twas freezer than coldstone 

had to take that bite back

you said move on don’t look back 

ain’t easy when you meant all that

like a life together when it’s all set

now I gaz live like when we never met

no ones serious,I’m up in every b I done met 

left the pants to climb way up to the heart 

you threw me back down,I crashed back on an ass.


So now it’s time out

You said quit so I had to back out 

still think of you oh the times we had ah

So now it’s time out 

Drifted so far is there a chance to track back 

Oh no don’t look back it’s permanently time out.


Let’s talk about Nigeria being the benchmark of mediocrity

 What one sector in the country’s working properly 

Not one,lemme break it down incase you’re lost lately: 

The judiciary isn’t justice lately 

Judges stay living way out their own wages

200 million overnight and he switched verdicts,

How you go blame them when everything’s faulty,

The legislature that one na crooked hustlers 

Most of them can’t drive alone to their constituencies 

Drive along?no roads,oh they got SUVs 

Drive alone?like five police do security 

What you scared of if you been doing the right things huh?

Kaftan or suits all seated in the dirty chambers 

Agbada or brooms can’t wait for that seating allowance 

Wonder why politicians get paid before civil servants?


Now let’s talk executive 

That section I swear is turning to sick peoples bay

The head of it either away or works half day

Either sick in the waist or the normal slow mental case

You’re either foolish four years or stay die in eight 

If I even make it to eight we’ll I don’t even care.

Heard it’s a plan for lost estates

Big fat lie depending on oil of few states

The remaining scheme off the oil revenues 

Mechanized to work only for a few,

Wonder why it’s easy for insurgents to recruit 

They’re more poor,the rich are but a few 

No systems in place so no hope for the youths 

Get a degree and still back to the creeks to shoot 

Chairman abeg put my name for that amnesty book

Make dem pay,baba God don punish dem,

How long this will last,we only think short term 

Take your own for any post wey you find yourself 

No form holy,don’t dull yourself 

Last last when you steal plenty na you go judge yourself 


I knew God too well I started doubting him
You know that familiarity thing
Coming through for everyone around me
Mines seemed to be taking more than a minute
Stayed prayed up
Getting the work up
Writing bars praying one day it will work out
Never been in a booth,all the sounds been in my hood
Trapped,entangled,like my nappy hair
Money out,I pray for some air
Life’s choking I rather give up now
Not the destination,I’m leaving no imprints here
The worlds faster now,none gon pick up these blueprints eh
Put it through a lens,produce these ideas like films
They could like it,do a remastered tracklist
In the memory of….the proceeds go to my estates
That’s In my head,I know how starving tastes
When you see me eat,believe I know what starvin is
Rejection,a couple niggas moving fake
Felt deception,love life’s been a mess
Ever felt love?i only know mamas name
Everyday Lord,o keep me prayed up
This walk colder than sittin ina bathtub
One day I hope I get beats metro boomin
Or it never gets heard,stashed away in poetry
Who’s gonn read?we live in a generation that wanna see
Sounds better,a couple still got listenin ears
For all the late nights drowned in my own tears
Figure it out,I pray we all see better days
Zero excitement,I get peace from these verse’
When I put my people on,I’ll shed joy tears
Flex a bit,keep the groupies offset
If it don’t get done then it dies upstairs
Till then, I crack till this fingers dope tales
Try to rhyme till these bars get heard
Till then,I pray you keep me prayed up. Lord.

#Poetry4ChangeAfrica | Acclaimed Nigerian Poet Niyi Osundare’s Poem Shines a Spotlight on Corruption

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“My Lord, Tell Me Where To Keep Your Bribe?” By Niyi Osundare

[Originally published on Sahara Reporters on Oct 26, 2016 and culled from saharareporters.com]

A poem by the renowned Nigerian poet Niyi Osundare.


My Lord

   Please tell me where to keep your bribe?

Do I drop it in your venerable chambers

Or carry the heavy booty to your immaculate mansion

Shall I bury it in the capacious water tank

In your well laundered backyard

Or will it breathe better in the septic tank

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Wait how you Fresh like you in yankee 

Yeah my Africa is my own yankee

I make the world around me fit as I seem

Nowhere is better than nowhere at some stages

If the politicians working as I dey say this

you’re doing your bit as you play this

Then tomorrow our seeds could grow and love his

The land of the ancestors 

The diversity amazing

The origin of the human race 

The birthplace of Adam 

Brothers teaming up A and Bertrand Traore 

Distant relatives linking up 

Africa is the birthplace 

Even Jesus a real nigga 

with his squad,them disciples 

Unless you accept to live African 

your liberation has questioning 

To live African is to be free and dignified 

Thomas Sankara with the signature

The endowed,we blessed by nature Africa unite,we don’t want more disaster


Journey man journey man
Is thy feet not sore yet?
What drives thee towards the sunset?

If there is another life,i still want to be journey man
I want to quake in snows in lands far away
I am tired of doing things our way

I want to sit in Bob Marleys museum
I want to go Okinawa to the aquariums
Visit the Balkans and pray for lost souls
and kneel amongst men in Rabat and speak to Allah

Sometimes I want to drop a seed everywhere I go
Other times I want to pimp a butterfly for free
King Solomon without the women tag on
Journey man.

August 2⃣ 2016

August second
Hug us to death
The day the man with death in his pouch
let the cat out to the porch
and millions gathered to mourn and gnash
He lived it all up
but unlike other voices of his kind
kept blasting and whirled
and did this all through music and almost saw three score years.

77 did not end his existence
He saw through an invasion by alien zombies because of zombie but
the messages embedded in his works once seen as anti-state are today still the problems of our state,and the principals he condemned still man our machinery.

Nineteen years later,his music stands out in originality,vision,pride of culture,masterclass and still listened to and constantly referenced worldwide.
‘Fela’ today is way beyond a name.
It is a place in history,an attitude,a free spirit,and indeed a model for individuals.
Today we celebrate the nineteenth year,a birthday of realization of the things he saw and expressed about,that were considered a threat.Ways were found to suppress him but the omniscient was ahead of his creatures and gave him a gift of voice and instruments and as Abraham he named it ‘Afrobeats’ and it lives today and forever.

My message today is that we should not only celebrate Felas’ two birthdays for the dates,but we should imbibe the messages contained in his gift to life and embrace our origin,our cultures so dear and in the loudest of voices still challenge our governments that have over the years kept failing us.

‘If it is not fit to live in,then our job is to make it fit’ Fela Kuti .